December 5, 2022
Blockchain Domain

10 Blockchain Naming Service (BNS) Platforms to Get Your Blockchain Domain Name

Blockchain domains are open and secure due to their transparent and decentralized nature. Blockchain Naming Service (BNS), although it works in the same way as DNS, is quite different. However, it is preferable to use BNS via a web browser extension.

While many people invest in cryptocurrency, few are able to fully understand the technical aspects of Blockchain technology. Because IP addresses can be difficult to remember, it is time-consuming to check your wallet address repeatedly. This could lead to mishaps. These issues are the reason why most crypto users gravitate towards unique, human-readable addresses.

Let’s learn more about BNS, and then we will look at the top BNS platforms for getting your blockchain domain.

What is Domain Name System (DNS), and how can it help you?

Domain Name System (DNS), or a telephonebook of the internet, is the gateway to the internet.

Everybody needs to know the address of your website, especially businesses. This allows anyone sitting at the computer to directly access your website from any place.

Example: To visit a website called “XYZ”, you will need to type into any browser, instead of the IP Address.

You don’t need to keep track of confusing numbers and alphabets. To eliminate confusion and save time, type the web address instead.

What is Blockchain Naming Service (BNS), and how can it help you?

The blockchain domain offers more functionality than traditional domains. The blockchain domain is used for data storage. It’s easy to access, but difficult to modify or delete. BNS offers many options and flexibility.

BNS relies on unique, human-readable addresses that are easy to remember. To access any website, you only need to install extensions or plugins in your web browser.

The domain assets are only the property of the owner and cannot be censored. This allows you to make secure payments without having to use long alphanumeric addresses. It has three essential qualities: availability, integrity, confidentiality.

What is the difference between DNS and BNS?

DNS is a central web domain system that can lead to domain censoring and hacking, website seizing, government surveillance, and even website seizing. “.com” is the top-level domain, while “ABCD” is an easy-to-remember and unique domain name.

DNS maps domain names to website IP addresses. This allows you to follow your request for opening a site.

BNS can be used to create a decentralized domain and a decentralized wallet address. It also serves as a means of identifying yourself. Access to BNS is free from censorship. It provides security and safety against cyberattacks.

Example: www.ABCD.eth, where “.eth” stands for Ethereum.

The same address can be used to transfer payments. All you have to do is add it in the browser extension or use it as a single program. BNS solves the fundamental problem of Blockchain and allows users adopt the new wave.

Use Cases for BNS

Let’s dive deeper and see how the blockchain domain systems can be used in real life.

Content creation

Content creators desire to be in control of their digital identities. Instead of relying on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth to host their content they could use a decentralized web that uses blockchain technology.

The blockchain domain allows content creators to easily modify or remove content. They can rest assured that their content and customers will grow without any interference.

Many companies can pay them to view their data. This allows content creators to make microtransactions that can increase their revenue.


Blockchain domain’s decentralized nature allows musicians to post their music and communicate with their fans directly. BNS platforms allow musicians to sell merchandise, event tickets, and audio NFTs.

Third parties are not allowed to download, stream, license, merchandize, or otherwise interact with the content. Musicians no longer have to fight for their rights as they now have access to their own IP ownership.

Personal Pages

Many individuals and companies are moving away from centralized networks to use decentralized platforms to host professional and personal websites. Decentralized websites can be owned by the user and there are no recurring hosting charges.

They will be able to forget the recurring monthly payment date and month. The risk of websites being shut down or eliminated is virtually zero. This is a great opportunity for authors, photographers, designers, and any other professional to sell digital products and/or services.

Chain Link verification will ensure that you communicate with the right person.


Many online shops are aware of the changes and are interested in decentralized domain systems. These online stores are now selling directly via blockchain domains. This technology simplifies how you receive payments.

This allows you to offer a unique shopping experience for your customers.

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Features of the BNS

BNS is a vital tool for individuals and businesses, as it secures transactions. These are some of the key features of Blockchain Naming Service:

  • Blockchain domains have a key feature: self-custody. Your domain name is now decentralized and you have full control. Self-custody means that a third party cannot seize your domain. This allows you to create decentralized websites and have sole control.
  • Third parties cannot modify, change, censor, or purge blockchain domains.
  • Blockchain domains are directly related to cryptocurrency wallets and not websites.
  • Accessing blockchain domain names requires software. This is much easier. To resolve major problems, you can add the domain to your browser extensions.
  • BNS provides security, enhanced functionality, as well as the ability to use blockchain domains today.
  • It grants users greater power and ownership, and resists censorship.
  • It can also serve as a decentralized storage and recovery platform for data, which does not contain any content from the central server.

Let’s now talk about the top BNS platforms for getting your blockchain domain name.

Unstoppable Domains

Grab your blockchain domain name now with Unstoppable DNS. Domains such as.zil and.crypto can be purchased.

The domain name can be used as your username on all websites and apps, your website URL, payment addresses, wallet addresses, etc. Opera, Chrome Firefox, Edge and Brave all support domains so it is easy to use blockchain domains.

Many apps also support Unstoppable Domains such as Chainlink and Wallet Wallet Rainbow Wallet MyEtherWallet Trust Wallet The Graph, BRD and many more. You won’t have to worry about payment being sent to the wrong address with these blockchain domains.

It is now easier than ever to send cryptocurrency to the domain of your recipient. With a single domain, you can send Ethereum, Bitcoin and many other currencies. You don’t have to rent a domain. Unstoppable Domains allows you to own one.

You can pay once and continue to use the domain for life. It works just like cryptocurrency. You store the domain in your wallet to ensure that only you have access to it. The services can be used with both iOS and Android applications.

Get your domain for as low as $5


ENS provides decentralized naming options for websites, wallets and other devices. You can search for your preferred domain using the Ethereum Name Service search tool, then register it by specifying years and use it in every transfer.

The dashboard makes it easy to manage your domain. You don’t need to use sandboxed usernames when you can have your own username. ENS allows you to grab your username, store a preferred avatar, store profile information, and then use that username across multiple services.

You can also use your ENS domain for all your addresses, receive tokens, cryptocurrency and other information. You can also create a decentralized website using ENS. Upload it to IPFS and you can access it directly with the ENS name that you register.

You can also use your ENS name with other DNS names that you are familiar with. ENS supports many DNS names such You get the suffix.ETH with ENS and complete security benefits.

You will find wallets such as MyCrypto and Coinbase, Wallet, Rainbow, MyCrypto and many more within the ENS ecosystem. You will also find many other applications such as Uniswap and Showtime, Etherscan OpenSea, Aave and many more.

Your website address can be accessed in browsers such as Status, Cloudflare and MetaMask extension.


Register your blockchain domain using PeerName. The future is in decentralized domains. You can easily register your domain name using a web-based interface.

PeerName keeps all domains in cold storage. This means that they are not accessible via the internet or computers. This helps to protect your domains against theft and attacks. You can trust PeerName to ensure that your domains remain safe.

PeerName will give you absolute ownership of domains, better security communications and hidden owner name service. It uses offline signed transactions to renew and register domains.

You can request the transfer at any time, for no cost. PeerName can also be used for free the first year. You can get certain blockchain domains such as.bit and.coin. Your domain can be renewed for $13.99/year with.bit. Your domain can be launched for $399 per year


Diode provides a blockchain naming service that allows you to search your accounts and blocks. With the help of MetaMask, it authenticates your account.

MetaMask acts as a gateway to crypto wallets and blockchain applications. It also features secure login, key vault and token exchange. Everything you need to manage your digital assets will be available.

To secure your login and manage settings, you must enable MetaMask within the Diode Network Explorer. You will need to ensure that MetaMask has been installed in your browser as a plugin.

MetaMask is not required to be installed on your browser. You can still view and explore many information about the network but cannot manage it. You can also directly download MetaMask via its website.

After it has been installed, you will see a foxhead in the upper right corner of your browser. You can explore the registered blockchain names, or use the search bar at the top to search for them.


Stacks unlocks the potential of Bitcoin and opens up new possibilities for embracing this technology.

Blockchain Naming System (Blockchain Naming System) is a network system that doesn’t rely on central control points to link Stacks usernames to the off-chain state. The Stacks blockchain ensures that all nodes have the same BNS view.

You will therefore find the same queries in each node. You will also be able to own domains that are unique, meaningful, or strongly owned by you. Additionally, you will learn about many aspects such as Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs which are unique.

DeFi is a large and untapped market. Stacks has been strategically positioned to enable Bitcoin DeFi. This gives contracts visibility in Bitcoin and Stacks’ inherent capability.

Anyone can create a unique domain namespace and assign its unique properties. It is served on a first-come-first-serve basis. It will be available forever once you have it, unlike DNS. You will also find key characteristics of BNS which make it an effective tool for network applications.

  • It is rare to avoid name collisions.
  • Each name that you choose must be original and meaningful.
  • Only you will have access to make changes.


Your website may be suspended without warning. Emercoin provides EmerDNS for your website. Because it is completely decentralized, it is the only way out.

EmerDNS can be used to bypass any censorship. EmerDNS does not permit any other user to modify your records; only you have access to the content when you need it. Websites can be easily resolved using browser extensions via OpenNIC servers and proxies.

EmerDNS supports all DNS records and is operated under the Emercoin NVS abbreviation ‘dns. Thanks to the distributed and secure Blockchain, domain name records are uncensorable, decentralized and inaccessible.

You will also be the only person who can access the private key associated with the payment address. Emercoin API allows you to use the name_update or name_new commands. This is also the best way to ensure that domain names are not suspended or revoked.

Download the wallet to get started with Emercoin. It’s available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It can be used on smartphones as well.


RIF architecture allows for unique identification of addresses using human-readable names. It is a simple platform that aims to make it easy for people to reach their destinations, regardless of whether they are banked or not.

RIF Name Service allows everyone to use blockchain technology in a simple way. It’s used in RIF communications and RIF storage. RIF payments are also made using it.

Its interoperability with the ecosystem is the key to its success. RIF offers a cross-platform naming solution for all major Blockchains, including Bitcoin and Litecoin. It improves Bitcoin’s security, and it is decentralized.

You can also delegate subdomains once you have the domain. It works with many wallets that integrate RNS such as RIF ON CHAIN, Mew and MyCrypto.


Register unique domains on Solana to simplify your fund transfer. Register your domain today and get started with your projects.

Instead of using a lengthy wallet address, make sure you have a domain name that is easy to remember and user-friendly. It’s easy to place your bid. Just browse the domain names.

You can also put the same domain on the auction to make your collection more lucrative. It supports many wallets such as Phantom and Solflare, Sollet and Torus.

Choose your preferred wallet and place a bid for the domain name you are interested in before the auction ends. There will be a wide range of domain names created in the leaderboard.

To place a bid, you simply need to search for your domain name.


.ART can help you turn your art into cash and increase web traffic. To check if it is available, you can either choose from multiple domains or enter your preferred name.

Your URL is the first impression that counts when building your brand. The exploration and pricing criteria are the basis for determining the category of domain names.

Select your preferred one and pay easily and simply. You will have one address to help you build your brand. It is easy to remember and generates organic traffic.

.ART has a great pricing model that will satisfy your needs while you purchase your domain name. You have five days to make a decision and request a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the service.

Proton Chain

Proton chain is a payment blockchain that works well in businesses. Proton Chain is a simple concept. The Proton Naming Service is an important part of the crypto world.

Each account, individual or business, will be given a unique name that can be easily recited and readable by humans.

If you wish to send $20 to someone, you can use their address to do so. Proton Chain makes it easy.

Proton Chain holds many identity certificates for individuals and businesses. The Proton Chain can query identity providers with your consent. It supports multiple wrapped stablecoins such as USDC, TUSD and PAX.

Proton Chain handles around 40 million transactions per day. This is more than any other blockchain application. Each transaction is completely free.

Proton uses the concept of decentralized verification, decentralized identity and decentralized domains. Domains such as.BTC and.XPR will be available. It supports top-level domains such as.COM,.EDU, and.GOV.

Through in-wallet payments, applications can interact with Blockchain. This revolutionary technology is so useful that Chrome plugins are no longer necessary. It is basically programmable money, which works for you.


Blockchain domains offer many benefits over regular ones. Blockchain domains have the potential to transform the way we view the digital world. This technology is the start of decentralized websites, identification, and it can benefit many people and businesses.

You can easily get your Blockchain domain name by choosing any of these Blockchain Naming Service platforms (BNS) without the need for third parties or censorship.

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